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Magic Kingdom Park

Magic Kingdom has always been my favourite park at the Walt Disney World resort. You just can’t beat the smell of popcorn as you’re walking up Main Street U.S.A, the sight of Cinderella’s castle which makes you feel at home or the fireworks bursting in the sky as the theme tune of happily ever after plays. It truly is a magical place and from the moment you scan your magic band at the entrance you forget about the rest of the world and just have fun!

I have so much to say about magic kingdom that I don’t even know where to begin. So I’m going to break it down into categories.


I love the rides in Magic Kingdom as there really is something for everyone. You have the big thrills which are the three mountains but the little attractions like The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh are just as good. My favourite thrill ride has to be splash mountain. The theming is amazing and that song is so catchy! I’m singing it all day after just one ride. I have to admit even though I try to pose for the photo it always goes terribly wrong as it ends up a mixture of me screaming but trying to smile at the same time. It’s definitely not a good combination but it’s exactly how I feel – so happy and excited yet a little scared that I’m going to go flying out of that log on the 5 story drop! Another one of my favourites is It’s a Small World. It’s a disney classic and on every trip to the Magic Kingdom my family ride it at least once. I think I like it so much

because of the cultural aspect. I’m really interested in travelling so to see a little bit of each country is super interesting – especially when they sing in their native language. There is even a mini section for Scotland – our tiny country, how cool is that? Finally, I can’t ignore Dumbo the Flying Elephant. When I was 5 and we visited Disneyland Paris, this was like the only ride I would go on. Again and again and again. Even 10 years later my dad still comes on with me, it’s so nostalgic and super fun in the dark too.

Character meet and greets

There are  so many characters to meet in Magic Kingdom that you could literally spend your whole day getting autographs! My personal favourites are enchanted tales with belle and  mickey mouse in the town square theatre but along the years we have also met

  • Merida in the castle courtyard
  • Rapunzel, snow white, Cinderella and aurora at the
  • Ariel in her grotto
  • Stitch in the Stitch’s great escape building
  • Tinkerbell at Town Square Theatre

On my next trip i really want to meet the fairy godmother. I think it would be so much fun!


Being a big disney fan, the shops at Walt Disney World are like a playground for me. I simply cannot refrain myself from splurging out on all the new merchandise  and i always save up lots of pocket money to spend when i’m there. I bought a lot in magic kingdom on our last trip and here are the shops i enjoyed the most.

  • Bonjour! Village gifts

This is a little shop tucked away near Gaston’s tavern and it is filled with everything beauty and the beast – basically the dream for anyone who is a big fan of the film. There is everything from art to plushes and the cast members are so lovely too. When I went in October they gave me special beauty and the beast stickers when we were speaking about how much I loved the film! So sweet!

  • The emporium

The emporium can be a dangerous place if you’re not looking to spend because you’re 100% guaranteed to find something you love. I love buying my Minnie ears there but it’s great for everything. A trip to magic kingdom isn’t complete without walking through

TIP: If you’re staying in a Disney resort, remember you can send your purchases back to the hotel gift shop. It’s a great service meaning you don’t have to carry around lots of bags all day and you can just pick the stuff up the next morning when going for breakfast!

  • Uptown jewellers

If you’re looking for something a little more expensive, uptown jewellers is the place to go. They have all the designer handbags, the disney parks pandora collection and so much more. Personally, i love looking at all the loungefly backpacks. I was lucky enough to be able to purchase the rose gold one in october. I adore it and use it all the time – it’s my go to disney accessory.

The people mover

This is a small attraction in tomorrowland that circles the area and tells you about all the different attraction. It’s just what you need when you want a break from walking and a bit of air conditioning. It’s super relaxing and you can get some great pictures of cinderella’s castle too. It’s just a little thing but to my family it’s one of the best parts of magic kingdom

Happily ever after

For those of you that don’t know happily ever after is the firework display/projection show that happens on cinderella’s castle at the end of the night. It replaced wishes in 2017 and has become a new favourite for all disney fans. It is the perfect way to end your day although it gets super busy so make sure you arrive in plenty time if you want to get near the front. Every time we see it i stand in awe, the fireworks are so beautiful and of course i have to sing along to all the classic disney tunes!

This is far from everything about magic kingdom but i think it covers my favourites. What do you like the most about magic kingdom? Do you have any traditions you follow when you go there? Let me know in the comments below.

Becca 🙂


2 thoughts on “Magic Kingdom Park

  1. ISLAND IT GIRL 23rd Jan 2019 — 7:30 pm

    Hey! It’s me from @disneyxhawaii on Instagram! Just wanted to say I loved your post and keep up the good work on your blog! 💗 also love the pic of you and Belle!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Just saw this now but thank you so much for your comment. That’s really sweet to hear 💕


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