Disney on Ice

Welcome back everyone! Today I am very excited to be writing about a very magical experience I had last week. As part of my 16th Birthday Present I received tickets for my friend Ella and I to go and see the Wonderful World of Disney on Ice at the AECC. My family have all been to Disney on Ice before but I couldn’t make it, therefore this was my first ever trip and I was just ecstatic. We went to the 6:30PM showing and of course I had to do a disney bound! I decided to go as Minnie Mouse wearing:

  • Minnie Mouse Blouse, Primark
  • Minnie Mouse heeled sandals, Primark
  • Minnie Mouse earrings, WDW resort

It was perfect and before I’d even left my house I felt disneyish! We arrived 40 minutes before in case there were lots of people and queues but it was hardly busy or crowded and gave us plenty of time to go round the stalls and find our seats. Of course the merchandise was expensive – it’s Disney! – but I had done my research and prepared for this. We felt obliged to try the famous Disney on Ice slushies which came in super cool souvenir cups that lit up! There was lots of different designs to choose from ( Dory, Nemo, Anna, Elsa, Ariel) but we went with this classic mickey and his pals design. It was delicious and I would really recommend it.

The show was a tale of Mickey and his pals searching through a treasure box which contained clues that linked to different disney films to what they were looking for. Act one had the stories of the Lion King, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Aladdin, the Little Mermaid and Tangled. Of course the Lion King was an emotional start with the death of Mufasa and the circle of life lead by Rafiki on pride rock however it was very effective. The set and costumes almost reminded me of the west end musical, I really liked it and was very impressed.

Another part I enjoyed of act one was the ‘I see the light’ number, a beautiful duet between Rapunzel and Flynn Rider where lanterns lowered from the ceiling. It was stunning! Further on in the show, the younger members of the audience had the opportunity to actually go on the ice on Aladdin’s magic carpet. They stayed on there for a considerable amount of time and it must have been so magical! Over all Act 1 lasted one hour and ended in a fantastic finale where all the princesses came out to dance with their princes, sadly the only time Belle appeared on stage!

The break lasted around 15 minutes and then it was back into the show. It started with a short toy story sequence and then the story of Dory getting lost before progressing into a Frozen phenomenon. It was the entire plot squeezed into 30 minutes and for me, it was by far the highlight of the show. Frozen is probably my second favourite Disney film so hearing the soundtrack and watching the beautiful skaters in their dazzling costumes was a dream. Elsa’s ‘Let it Go’ transformation was great and I also particularly liked ‘For the First Time in Forever’. When it started Snowing I automatically felt like I was back home at Walt Disney World in one of their auditoriums – if anything that should say a lot about the standard of the performance.

The line up for Olaf’s big number ‘In Summer’

Here are my top 3 tips for if you are taking a trip to Disney on Ice soon

  1. Sit in the block facing the stage

If you are watching in an arena where there are three blocks surrounding the stage PICK THE ONE FACING THE STAGE (OPPOSITE WHERE THERE IS NO SEATING). Having never been before we just picked this one by chance but we are so glad we did. Even though there are seats all around, the skaters mainly perform to the front so if you want a good view of the show sit in this block. We were in row i and our view was excellent. We had no sight line issues and could see brilliantly.

If you want your children to have the chance of going on the ice, for this specific you need to sit in the front row of the VIP seats on the right hand side corner (when facing the stage). It seemed that the three children sitting in this area were the ones asked if they wanted to go on stage.

2. Be Aware of Prices

The tickets to Disney on Ice can already be rather expensive so make sure you know what you’re walking into before attending the show. To start with there may be a parking fee. Check it out before visiting and possibly try to get dropped off or take a bus. Next, I would recommend eating before. Disney popcorn cost £9 and the food sold by the Exhibition Centre wasn’t cheap either. Slushies range from £9-£11 but you do get to keep the cup as a souvenir so it doubles up as a good snack and memory. The programmes cost £9 and even a simple colouring book was £5. Think about it before, especially if you have young children. We got slushies and then went to get ice cream after at McDonalds – a good compromise!

3. Wear your Disney merchandise!

Get into the Disney mood before you arrive and wear something Disney! It will make your experience even better and with so many other Disney fans there, everyone is always complimenting you on your outfit! My only regret about Disney on Ice was not wearing my minnie ears!

Over all, I loved my visit to see Disney on Ice. I cannot wait to return in future years and it is the perfect way to experience some Disney Magic in between trips to the parks.

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