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Disney in our home

This will be my second post in collaboration with the Disney Friends Blog hop. As I mentioned before, I adore working with this lovely group of Disney fans and reading their blogs. Once you have finished reading this, click the arrow to move onto my friend’s post!


So, welcome back everyone! Today’s post is all about Disney in my house and the ways I incorporate it into my daily life. Now first I must tell you about 75% of the things in my house are Disney – my family are big fans! But these are my favourite bits and bobs. Anything that can still be purchased I will try and link for you in case you’re interested! Without further ado, let’s get started 🙂

Our Mug Collection

Out of everything Disney I own, this has to be my favourite. The way I see it is – why have normal mugs when you can have Disney mugs? We have a whole shelf dedicated to them in our house and they are perfect for any warm drink!

disney mugs.jpg

Pictured above: Minnie mug (WDW), Mickey bottom mug (WDW), Nemo mug (Disney Store UK), Flounder mug (Primark), Winnie the Pooh mug (Disney Store UK), Chewbacca mug (Primark), Chip cup (Primark), Belle mug (Disney Store UK), Stitch mug (WDW) , Dumbo mug (Primark), WDW mug, minnie mug (Disney Store UK)

Beauty and the Beast ornaments 

These are the perfect edition to my room, I love them! They aren’t the Official Disney ones but they look so like the characters from my favourite film.

beauty and the beast ornaments .jpg

Pictured above: Cogsworth clock, Lumiere tea light holder and Mrs Potts teapot all from Primark.

Photo Albums 

Every year we go to WDW we always bring home an album to fill with a mixture of photopass photos and our own ones. These are such a special souvenir – if not the most, in my opinion. Last trip, I even bought my own separate one to our family one which I managed to fill with 200 photos!

disney photos

“Belle of the Ball” painting

On our 2018 October trip, we went for a look into Art of Disney. I was lucky enough to be able to purchase this beautiful piece and the artist – Don ‘Ducky’ Williams – was there to sign it for me. It was a magical experience and I love the look of it on my wall.

belle and beast photo

Favourite Disney Clothes 

Just like in the parks, at home I sometimes like to add a touch of Disney to my outfit. Here are a few of my favourite pieces…

disney clothes

Pictured above: Rose Gold Loungefly backpack (WDW), “Mickey you’re the best” t-shirt (uniqlo), Rose gold spirit jersey (WDW), Minnie polk a dot t-shirt (Primark), Minnie blouse (Primark)

Disney Books 

For those of you who know me well, just like my fav princess Belle I love to read. I like reading most books – anything with a good plot line but some of those books specifically seem to be Disney ones. I only started to discover Disney novels about 6 months ago but I’m really enjoying them! I read As Old as Time whilst in WDW and loved it, couldn’t put down the book about Disney World from the minute I bought it (I literally read it on the bus home from Animal Kingdom to Caribbean Beach!) and I was so excited to receive the Disney Book for my birthday. Currently, I’m reading Lost in a Book and it’s awesome!

disney books

Pictured above: The Disney Book (Amazon) , Let the Memories Begin (WDW), Lost in a Book (Amazon) , Beauty and the Beast (Amazon), The Beast Within (Asda), Once Upon a Dream (Asda), Part of Your World (Amazon), As Old as Time (Asda)

So I think that’s everything! So now head on to my friend’s blog about how they incorporate Disney into their life out of their trips to the parks!


And here is the list of everyone else participating in our loop 🙂














16 thoughts on “Disney in our home

  1. I am becoming a huge Loungefly fan! I love that you have the Rose Gold Ear bag!


    1. Same here! I went to Disneyworld in October not really knowing too much about the brand but having heard so many good things and when I saw the bag I fell in love! 💗


  2. Your mug collection is amazing.


  3. I am always so jealous of what everyone finds at Primark! I live no where near one, sadly. That Minnie blouse is adorable.


    1. Aw it has some really great finds! Disney merch can be so expensive too, this is a place where you can find it a bit cheaper!


  4. coddiwomplerlisa 14th May 2019 — 4:43 pm

    If I could live in Disney/Marvel clothing I would. I also love the mug collection!


    1. Thank you! So would I. I spend my entire life planning and buying new outfits for my next trip to WDW 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. coddiwomplerlisa 14th May 2019 — 10:57 pm

        I try to wait until I know I’m going to a park but I look occasionally.


  5. I never heard of some of those books! I love how you display your mugs.


    1. Thank you! There’s a whole shelf dedicated to them in our kitchen 😂


  6. i really love all of these items!
    The beauty and beast ones are my favourite i think!


  7. paperangelsvlog 15th May 2019 — 11:56 pm

    I love your collection of Disney mugs!! You got some really cute ones.


  8. Jennifer Stuart 16th May 2019 — 2:28 am

    I can’t believe that we don’t have any overlapping Disney mugs!


    1. Hehe! Maybe as our collections grow we will!


  9. I love that you have so many little things that bring the magic of Disney into your home

    Liked by 1 person

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