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Trip announcement!

We’re going home! I am so incredibly excited to be able to write this post telling you all about our next trip to Disney world. We returned from our last vacation just 9 months ago and couldn’t wait to book again, it’s fair to say we’re addicted by now. So we’ve done it! We are going to Disney world next year (2020) in October with the free dining plan. As always, we are staying at our favourite moderate resort Caribbean beach which will have the amazing new addition of the skyliner!

We did leave our booking until a bit later so it has ended up that we are staying in a pirate room. Because of this, we are staying for 11 nights rather than 12. However, if we can, we will change our reservation to a standard room – this wasn’t available when we booked. I will write a whole post on Caribbean beach, but to be short we just love it. The relaxed vibes, the people, the beauty of the resort… everything! If it happens we do keep the pirate room it will be a new adventure. It would mean we are staying in Trinidad – home to the biggest beach area of the resort, 2 freestyle Coca Cola machines, a large pool with a laundry building and the spyglass grill. To get to the gondolas you simply cross the bridge – what a dream! As we are in a moderate we will be utilizing the quick service dining plan. We have used this on each trip and honestly we adore it. It saves an incredible amount of money and provides the speed, variety of food and yummy snacks that we need! We tend to have breakfast at the resort in the morning followed by our 2 snacks in the afternoon then dinner either in the parks or at CBR again. I will also write a blogpost on all our favourite quick services as we discovered some really great ones last year!

I come from Aberdeen in Scotland which is over 4000 miles away from WDW. We have tried many travel routes in the past. Most commonly we drive to Glasgow then fly from there to London Gatwick and from there to MCO. We’ve also tried driving to Glasgow then flying to Reykjavik, Iceland and from there to MCO as well. However, this year we are going to try another route to see if we can get cheaper flights and not have to drive anywhere – believe me there is nothing more horrible than flying back 11 hours from Disney world and then having to drive a further 3! It seems we will be trying Aberdeen to heathrow, heathrow to Philadelphia and then Philadelphia to MCO. It’s one more flight but as long as we end up in Disney world it really doesn’t matter how we get there!!

This will be our 4th trip to Disney world and as you can imagine there is still hundreds of things we haven’t done. This trip we are looking forward to Galaxy’s Edge, Ratatouille ride, Mickey and Minnie new ride and also hopefully going to a waterpark – yep that’s right, we’ve not had time to do that yet! There’s also the plenty of other little secrets, nooks and crannies that we discover each and every day in WDW, all holding their own piece of magic. With 452 days to go, we’ll see ya real soon Walt Disney World 🌍

When’s your next trip? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments.

Becca 💜


2 thoughts on “Trip announcement!

  1. Jennifer Stuart 9th Jul 2019 — 4:25 pm

    How exciting for you!! We stayed at Caribbean Beach Resort this year. Sadly it will be awhile before we get to go back to Disney World, but we will be at Disneyland in September.


    1. Disneyland is just as exciting! Wow! Would love to visit there some day. Thank you so much for your comment 💜


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