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So I get the question all the time about where we like to stay when we visit Walt Disney World resort. And the answer is 100% Disney’s Caribbean Beach – moderate resort, on property. On my blog today I’m going to explain to you exactly why we love Caribbean Beach and why I believe it’s worth splurging on that upgrade from a value to a moderate!

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The sunset at CBR

The second reason welove Caribbean beach is the atmosphere. A big difference that you will noticebetween the values and the moderates is the theming. Some of the values havegreat decorations – they’re big, fun and full of Disney. But if you’re lookingfor something a bit more sophisticated and truly beautiful, the moderates arewhere to go. Caribbean Beach is simply stunning. The sandy beaches with theirhammocks, the island ( Caribbean Cay) in the middle, the luxurious new pool barwith swinging seats and funky lights along with the grand reception area, withhigh ceilings and modern fixtures. We adore getting home from a busy day at theparks and truly feeling like we are in the Caribbean. Each morning, I get upand read my book, watching the sunrise on a hammock. We go to old Port royalein the evening to get a drink where we will find singing pirates.  This isthe type of upgrade you see when you go from a value to a moderate – the stepup is big, and in my opinion by far worth the splurge. 

Relaxing on the beaches of CBR

To start with, we have now stayed at Caribbean Beach 3 times (each for 2 weeks ) and have never had a bad customer service experience. We have gone through all sorts of problems – missing bookings, locking ourselves out of our safe, hurricanes … You name it and we’ve probably experienced it! Through it all, the staff remain so kind and helpful. To name a few, when we arrived after hurricane Matthew in 2016 we got given magical star wands. We made friends with a cast member named Al who was just walking around the food court entertaining people. He spoke to us for ages, joking around and he made me and my sister hats out of mickey stickers! Last trip, I met the wonderful Ron who spoke to us for an hour on our leaving day in the food court. He told us all about the new additions to Disney World and how he really hoped to see us back soon. By far, he helped those Disney blues that we’re getting pretty bad. I must also recognise the wonderful Arlene from the gift shop who also spoke to me for a long time and at one point was dancing with me along to the music. It was a fabulous moment. Without a doubt, you will get this magic where ever you go in Disney but at a moderate it seems their staff are more dedicated to spending time with you all, there is a relaxed atmosphere that can sometimes be rather rushed at a value.

Next, you’re probably all wondering about the amenities. What do you get at a moderate that you won’t at a value? So, first you have the larger rooms. They have double sinks in a larger bathroom area, and overall just feel more spacious. They also have some themed rooms ( for Caribbean Beach its the pirate rooms and for port Orleans it’s the princess rooms). The doors are still on the outside however most blocks only have two floors. Personally what I appreciate the most is the pool. Unlike the values, the pools have slides and also great play areas for the kids. It’s like a little water climbing frame! If you are a family that enjoys spending days by the pool, a moderate up grade will be worth it. At Caribbean beach, there is actually two slides at the main pool and a big jacuzzi. If you’re looking for something a bit quieter, there is an individual pool at each ‘island’ as well.

The moderates have a plethoraof activities for children to do. At the pools you will find things likemermaid lessons whilst on the lake you will find fishing trips and piratecruises. There are quick service and table service locations, giving you allthe dining options you need for a night at the hotel. Finally, most moderateshave two modes of transport. At our home resort, we are especially excited forthe addition of the gondolas. They will actually be running to pop century andart of animation too, so if you want to upgrade but not quite to a moderatemaybe try staying there! 

Overall, Caribbeanbeach is just perfect for us. I am in no way saying the value resorts are bad.I think they are perfect for some trips and I’m looking forward to maybestaying there on one of my trips in the near future but I can’t quite explainto you the feeling I get when I step out of the magical express and a castmember says to me “Welcome back to the island”

What is your homeresort? Are moderates worth the splurge for you? Would you go all the way andstay at a deluxe? Let me know below. 

Becca 💗


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8 thoughts on “Our Home Resort

  1. enjoyingthedays17 15th Sep 2019 — 10:29 pm

    The pictures that you have shared make Caribbean Beach look like a nice place to visit and stay. That is a resort where I have not stayed yet. Maybe one day we will!


    1. Thank you very much! It is so pretty and even the pictures don’t do it justice! I really recommend it 🥰


  2. I have yet to stay at a resort and actually enjoy the perks of the place. One day I will splurge on a moderate or deluxe and just stay there all day to see and do everything!


    1. Sounds like a great idea! Because we go to Disney world for 2 weeks when we go, we enjoy having the amenities but mainly do it for the free quick service dining plan 💖

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Loved learning more about this resort!


  4. Sounds lovely. We strolled around last Spring and were very impressed. Where are the “singing” pirates located??


    1. They come out at night and sing beside the pool! Love them 🥰


  5. this is awesome!
    We are staying here in May (but only for one night). Hoping that we can build up to a longer stay too!


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