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There’s something so different about Epcot that I really believe its unlike any other theme park in the world. A day in Epcot isn’t just about the rides but about experiencing different cultures, trying new things – ultimately learning something new all whilst having fun. Although it may be my least favourite park, Epcot has so much to offer and deserves to have at least one full day of your vacation devoted to exploring it. You never know what you will find!


Yoo Hoo!

Currently there isn’t actually that many rides in Epcot, there are more experiences. However, the first ride I must talk about is Soarin’ – I love it! That moment when your legs are dangling and the wind is blowing in your face, you really feel free flying in the skies above many different parts of the world. In my opinion it’s a must do in Epcot and even if you can’t grab a fast pass you should stand in line to be able to experience it! I also really enjoy Frozen Ever After. For me it’s partly the amazing animatronics and partly getting to sing along to one of my favourite Disney soundtracks that makes it so special. I also recommend, if the queue isn’t too long, taking the stand by line as it is really well themed. Especially the part where you walk through oaken’s trading post and he’s there in his sauna shouting “Yoo Hoo!” through the little steamed up window. It’s honestly hilarious! And you can’t beat the classic ride Spaceship Earth, I mean it’s Epcot’s Icon, how can you not ride it? My family and I love creating our own future and are very sad that the ride will be under refurbishment for the next two years. In our eyes, Epcot won’t be complete without it.

Meet and Greets

My sister walking with Joy on our 2016 trip

Personally, I would say that Epcot is by far the best park for meet and greets. Characters are everywhere! Some of our all time favourites are meeting Joy and Sadness – they’re so much fun, Mickey, Minnie and Goofy at the Epcot Character spot ( The only place you can meet these three in their normal outfits) and the princesses around the lake – specifically Belle!!

One of my favourite ever meet and greets with Belle in October 2018

TIP: The line can get very long for Mickey, Minnie and Goofy so either do it at park opening or closing. Alternatively you can get a fast pass for this but be aware it is part of tier 1 for Epcot – a precious spot we wouldn’t personally give up to character meets!

Club Cool

Club Cool found in Future World

This is one of my favourite places in WDW! For those who don’t know, Club Cool is a place where you can go an try out lots of different drinks from around the world FOR FREE! It’s brilliant for a cool down and home to my favourite drink Frosty Melon Fanta – that stuff is so good. I cannot find it anywhere else which makes a trip to Epcot even more special. I must warn you of the drink Beverly though … it is nasty!

Mouse Gear

Oh boy! If you are a big Disney fan, this shop is paradise. They have everything! in fact, I’ve heard many people say if it’s not in Mouse Gear, you don’t need it! From Spirit Jerseys to pins to mugs to toys they have the lot.


The mesmerising roof of the China Pavilion

On our recent trip to WDW, my family spent a lot of time in the China Pavilion. We found it so interesting. We adored looking at the Shanghai Disney exhibition, we gazed up at the beautiful landscape of China in the 360 degrees film showing and spent ages pondering over the Chinese good luck charms and souvenirs in the gift shop. They also have a lovely, quiet quick service tucked away at the back where you get really big portions of yummy dishes (You should try the orange chicken!). The architecture is stunning and we really recommend a visit to this Pavilion.

Being a big fan of the French language, I also love the France Pavilion. It is home to my favourite princess and delicious food and wine. I hate to admit I haven’t yet visited the patisserie however it is top of my bucket list for our next trip. I am so excited for the addition of the Ratatouille ride and overall it is a part of Epcot I cannot wait to explore more in the future.

My family and I getting a picture in front of the Eiffel Tour on our 2108 trip


Throughout the year there are two festivals that take place in Epcot – Flower and Garden and Food and Wine. We have never had the opportunity to go to Flower and Garden but it looks beautiful! The topiaries are amazing, they make Epcot even prettier than usual. On the other hand, on each visit we have made Food and Wine festival has been on. We love looking at the menus on the run up to our trip and seeing what we would like to try. It’s great that you can normally use your snack credits to taste your way around the world!

TIP: During food and wine festival, Epcot can get particularly busy at the weekends. I recommend avoiding the park from Friday to Sunday if you can!


A beautiful firework display to end off your day in Epcot, which ties together all the cultures of the world. If you stay in Caribbean Beach, our home resort, you can even watch these fireworks from one of the small pools – it’s magical.

I think Epcot has a lot to come in the future and the addition of many new rides in the run up to the 50th anniversary of WDW will make it a very exciting place to be. What is your favourite part of Epcot?

Becca 🙂


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