Toy Story 4

Well after a very long wait, all us toy story fans were presented with a fourth installment! Hooray! I was really, really excited to go and see this in the cinema. I had my buzz light year water bottle and was ready to loose myself in the story I love so much – I think the idea of toys coming to life is one of the best things Disney and Pixar have ever come up with. So what did I think? I loved it …. well most of it! I believe they did a great job overall.

First let’s talk about gabby gabby. I really enjoyed how at first she seemed like our villain of the story. But, just like with lotso in toy story 3, we learnt her background and realized maybe she wasn’t a bad toy at all. I loved watching all the toys come together to help her get what she’d always wanted, what she’d always needed.

The plot in general was engaging although I must admit those dolls that chase you are slightly creepy! Forky was just absolutely hilarious. I LOVE TRASH! Too funny. He and woody taught us the universal truth that sometimes we need to put others and their well-being before our own. It was heartwarming to watch him as he finally realised how important he was to Bonnie. To add to the comedy, ducky and bunny had the whole cinema in fits of laughter. Their plots to overcome the shop owner really were brilliant!

However there was one part of Toy Story 4 that I wasn’t quite sure about. And that was the ending. I must admit that watching Andy leave the gang upset me quite a bit, it just didn’t feel right. Yes, it was what he felt he needed to do but it was almost like a confirmation that he was leaving Andy, and Andy was leaving him, behind. Maybe it wasn’t the ending itself which was odevastating, it was probably just the fact which many fans didn’t want to come to terms with.

As I said, I did really like this film. Which is why I’m going to rate it a 8.5/10.

What were your thoughts? As always, I’d love to hear them below.

Becca 💜

2 thoughts on “Toy Story 4

  1. I love this! Totally agree with everything you said! I absolutely loved the movie in general but I was so heartbroken when woody left at the end 😦 almost confirms that the story has come to an end. Although, I can see a way of moving forward still!

    Love Kel (OurDisneyLifex) xxx


    1. Thank you for reading and commenting! Yes I was wondering that – will they do another one without woody? I’m not sure how I would feel about that. We will just have to wait and see 🙈xxx


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